Gore Supports Fire Industry as Co-Sponsor of IAFF Cancer Summit

    Elkton, Maryland (January 29, 2018) — In response to the increasing concern about occupational cancer among firefighters, W. L. Gore & Associates’ Protective Fabrics Division is proud to join the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) and other fire industry leaders to sponsor the IAFF Cancer Summit on February 1, 2018.

    Gore is supportive of the efforts by the IAFF and its partners to identify and protect firefighters from the potential hazards that can cause cancer. The summit will address critical topics such as firefighter health and fitness, fire-ground decontamination, best practices for cleaning gear, and innovations in PPE.

    Gore has a long history of collaborating with firefighters to identify and address their concerns, beginning with the issue of heat stress caused by heavy, non-breathable barriers. Gore has continued to address this problem by delivering the most breathability in the broadest range of conditions with GORE® CROSSTECH® moisture barriers and the GORE® PARALLON™ liner system.

    Allen Maples, Gore’s global leader of the Fire and Public Safety business explains, “As the fire industry continues to learn more about the impact of fireground contaminants on the health and safety of firefighters, Gore is working closely with IAFF members and other industry leaders to support research and development efforts in the PPE arena. We leverage this expertise in materials and comfort science to create solutions that can help firefighters wear their gear longer at the fire scene and reduce their exposure to fireground particulates.” .

    More recently, an IAFF study found that the neck and face areas of firefighters were not adequately protected against fireground particulates. Seeing this as an important issue, Gore developed a particulate-blocking hood that exceeds the NFPA Standard in providing protection at the fireground. 

    The IAFF Cancer Summit will follow the Vincent J. Bollon Affiliate Leadership Training Summit & Ernest A. “Buddy” Mass Human Relations Conference and will be held at Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Separate registration is required for the IAFF Cancer Summit. Learn more by visiting IAFF Cancer Summit.

    About GORE® Protective Fabrics

    For more than 35 years, GORE® Protective Fabrics has been trusted by major fire and emergency response agencies throughout North America to protect their first responders. Gore has been a pioneer in developing high-performance protective barriers for use in fire, EMS, military, law enforcement, and CBRN applications. Gore specialists work closely with gear manufacturers during initial gear design, laboratory and field testing, and final product performance — all to ensure that the protective barrier in your gear does what Gore says it will do. Learn more at GoreProtectiveFabrics.com.

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