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    Total windproofness and maximum breathability for outerwear and gloves, in cool, windy working conditions.

    Key benefits


    WINDSTOPPER® fabric technology by GORE-TEX LABS ensures that garments and gloves are totally windproof, preventing discomfort from windchill.

    The enhanced breathability helps manage the body's microclimate without the wearer expending too much energy.

    Some garments and gloves made with WINDSTOPPER® fabric technology by GORE-TEX LABS are water resistant.

    Work outside for longer without windchill

    Wind speed and wind strength greatly affects how cold it can feel when on call or on missions outside. Garments and gloves made with WINDSTOPPER® fabric technology by GORE-TEX LABS are totally windproof and deliver maximum breathability to reliably keep workers comfortable in windy weather conditions.

    WINDSTOPPER® products by GORE-TEX LABS are suited for a wide range of designs, adaptable for specific needs and requirements. The technology can also be combined with other Gore technologies for additional benefits, such as those with different levels of abrasion resistance, insulation, Stretch and next-to-skin comfort. The system allows for a minimum amount of layers and are flexible to suit both warmer and colder conditions. WINDSTOPPER® products by GORE-TEX LABS may use a 2-layer or 3-layer liner construction - for baselayers, midlayers, gloves and trousers.

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    The technology has been developed with real-work situations in mind, so that hard-working professionals in challenging environments can stay protected, and simply focus on their important work.

    By Gore’s standards, a fabric can only be considered truly windproof if its air permeability is 1.0 cfm (< 5 l/m2/s) or less. It’s a standard that every WINDSTOPPER® product by GORE-TEX LABS exceeds.

    Various Gore technologies can be combined to produce additional benefits for the wearer. The ability to combine technologies adds versatility and freedom of choice across the range.
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    Description: Optimum fit, wind protection and enhanced freedom of movement all in one garment. The technology reduces the need to wear many layers of clothing. WINDSTOPPER® by GORE-TEX LABS can be tailored to specific areas of the garment, on places like the elbows, knees or back. The wearer is able to move with less effort and will feel less pressure on the skin, resulting in perceptibly enhanced comfort when compared with non-elastic garments.

    Added benefits: WINDSTOPPER® by GORE-TEX LABS with Stretch Technology also acts as a barrier against other liquids that workers regularly encounter outdoors, for example petroleum or lubricants when law enforcement officers are called to investigate the scene of a traffic accident.

    Ideal for: Ideal for use in jackets and trousers for law enforcement officers.

    Two defense personnel throw abseiling ropes from on top of a snowy, rocky outcrop.

    WINDSTOPPER® PRODUCTS BY GORE-TEX LABS with Insulation Protection

    Description: WINDSTOPPER® products by GORE-TEX LABS with Insulation Protection are totally windproof, deliver maximum breathability and provide reliable insulation protection to keep wearers warmer for longer in cold, windy weather conditions.

    Added benefits: Added warmth against windchill when outside for long periods, including protection on the hands. This can make all the difference between comfort and misery during duty.

    Ideal for: Defense personnel performing in demanding, cold and windy conditions.

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