Feet wearing tan leather boots standing on snowy ground with a snow-capped mountains in the background.


    Ultra-thin insulation engineered for low-bulk, non-compressible thermal comfort over an extended range of temperatures.


    Explore the high-level protective benefits of this technology


    Durably waterproof in cold and wet conditions, protecting against rain, snow and sleet, even after many hours.

    The highly breathable GORE-TEX membrane allows moisture to escape effectively, offering a high level of wearer comfort.

    Revolutionary GORE-TEX THERMIUM® insulation, strategically placed in critical areas, increases cold weather capability without bulk.

    Enhanced insulation technology

    GORE-TEX THERMIUM® insulation adds enduring warmth to footwear and gloves without compromising on agility, waterproofness, breathability or style. When placed strategically in cold weather gear, low-bulk, ultra-thin and non-compressible THERMIUM® insulation is engineered to provide optimal thermal comfort over an extended range of temperatures.

    Adding warmth to footwear or gloves has typically added bulk – reducing agility and dexterity. GORE-TEX THERMIUM® technology allows for more warmth without sacrificing the vital abilities professionals need to get the job done well.

    Through Gore's patented thermal mapping, which identifies critical areas of the hands or feet that are most affected by cold weather and heat loss, GORE-TEX THERMIUM® insulation can be strategically placed in these areas to provide enhanced warmth and heat retention without sacrificing shape and design. The insulation can be seamlessly integrated into existing designs, enabling versatile customization with various shapes, layers and styles.

    GORE-TEX THERMIUM® insulation is engineered to stay effective, even after heavy use, and throughout and the life of the product. Crucially, the insulation is also waterproof - delivering consistent insulation whether gear is wet or dry.

    Suitable for a wide range of styles GORE-TEX THERMIUM® technology
    brings additional thermal comfort to defense personnel during their missions in temperate and cold conditions.

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    Ideal for
    The technology has been developed with real-work situations in mind, so that hard-working professionals in challenging environments can stay protected, and simply focus on their important work.

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