Defense personnel wearing heat and flame barrier for GORE-TEX weatherproof clothing.

    GORE-TEX PYRAD® Product Technology

    Self-Extinguishing, Waterproof Protection from Incidental Fire Contact


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    The flame retardant fabric stops flame propagation by forming a carbonaceous char with the textile, reducing the heat transfer to skin.

    GORE-TEX PYRAD® product technology offers lighter weight solutions compared to traditional flame retardant fabrics.

    When combined with additional arc rated product technology, the wearer is protected with the best-in-class arc rating category 3.

    GORE-TEX PYRAD® product technology is durably waterproof, windproof and breathable - so work can continue, even in the rain.

    Focus on the job at hand with reliable heat protection from incidental flame, plus weather protection

    Garments designed with GORE-TEX PYRAD® product technology provide heat, flame and flash-fire protection for defense personnel and industrial workers. The antistatic fabric also helps to protect against arc flash incidents. This versatile technology offers the durable waterproofness, windproofness and breathability you would expect of GORE-TEX products and provides some of the lightest weight, less bulky garments on the market.

    After extensive testing, development and research in our state-of-the-art lab, we have developed a wearer-approved portfolio of GORE-TEX PYRAD® fabrics that go beyond existing standards of protection. They've been designed with those who rely on them in mind: adapting to their needs and with their safety as the highest priority.

    One of the biggest safety concerns is that professionals exposed to hazardous situations at work might not wear their protective garments regularly because some traditional fabrics are uncomfortable and bulky.

    To address this, we have built on our years of expertise in comfort science to develop GORE-TEX PYRAD® products that are so breathable, lightweight and flexible, that they feel good to wear. The fabrics also pick up less water and dry out faster than alternative flame retardant fabrics.

    High visibility workwear is crucial for on-the-job safety. GORE-TEX PYRAD® fabrics come in several hi-vis and low-fading colours as well as long-lasting fabrics in camouflage patterns for defense personnel.

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    All technologies have been rigorously tested to ensure they perform as intended in the field and protect in a range of scenarios.

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