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    GORE-TEX Stretch Product Technology

    Optimum, flexible comfort for protective garments and footwear.

    Key benefits


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    GORE-TEX Stretch products offer a better fit - such as improved freedom of movement in garments or optimised in-step comfort in footwear - helping wearers stay comfortable and protected all day long.

    Thanks to the GORE-TEX membrane, GORE-TEX Stretch product technology is durably waterproof and resistant to common hazardous liquids.

    GORE-TEX Stretch garments totally block the wind, even at high speeds, eliminating the wind-chill factor and keeping the wearer comfortable.

    Garments engineered with GORE-TEX Stretch product technology provide added comfort by increasing the breathability of garments by 25%.

    Enables a better fitting garment which allows for layering for various weather conditions without sacrificing performance. *Only for garments

    Enhanced comfort and agility, uncompromised protection

    When choosing protective garments and footwear, alongside the criteria of protection and function, freedom of movement and wearer comfort are increasingly significant factors. Clothing that is not restrictive allows greater agility in a range of different scenarios, such as reaching for equipment, kneeling on the ground, driving, etc., which improves performance and comfort. Research has shown that only when officers or workers feel comfortable in what they are wearing, can they concentrate on the task at hand and perform to their full potential.

    Garments and footwear made with GORE-TEX Stretch product technology provide an optimum level of wearing comfort. In addition, they deliver durable weather protection as well as protecting from harmful liquids, such as petroleum and lubricants. Having undergone rigorous tests, products have also proven to remain flexible, windproof, and rugged – even in the most challenging working conditions. This means wearers stay protected, dry, unrestricted in their movements and, above all, comfortable.




    Professionals often need to wear multiple garment layers in the workplace, whether it’s to stay warm in cold temperatures or to wear additional protective equipment, such as body armour, in dangerous situations. Insulation layers can cause outerwear to feel too tight, so workers frequently opt for garments one size larger. When worn alone, though, these garments are too loose. GORE-TEX Stretch product technology offers a solution to this: garments made from GORE-TEX Stretch fabric can be worn as close-fitting standalone layers, or as non-bulky under-layers that offer a good fit, as the fabric offers increased mobility in all weather conditions. The stretch of the fabric adapts to the wearer's movements - which increases breathability by up to 25%. Even after vigorous use, garments return to their original shape, providing long-lasting comfort and protection.


    Footwear with Stretch technology also increases wearer comfort, while having a unique patent-pending construction. It’s the first of its kind to combine a flexible GORE-TEX laminate – one of the most breathable in Gore’s portfolio – with a stretch inner lining, using an elastic connection seam. The smooth and durable laminate in the instep area eliminates the water gusset usually found in GORE-TEX shoes. This means dry and comfortable shoes that slip on and off more easily. The innovative Stretch shoe construction avoids wrinkles or folds in the instep area, which can significantly reduce the chance of pinched skin. This footwear is made for being worn for extended shifts, without experiencing discomfort. GORE-TEX Stretch product technology offers best-in-class footwear that is durably waterproof, highly breathable, and optimized for smooth instep comfort.



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    The technology has been developed with real-work situations in mind, so that hard-working professionals in challenging environments can stay protected, and simply focus on their important work.
    Various Gore technologies can be combined to produce additional benefits for the wearer. The ability to combine technologies adds versatility and freedom of choice across the range.
    Blue 3-Layer GORE-TEX stretch technology


    WINDSTOPPER® Stretch fabric by GORE-TEX LABS is durably windproof and highly breathable. It provides protection against cold winds and light rain, keeping professionals dry and comfortable. Stretch panels are used on specific areas of the garment, including the elbows, knees, under the arms or across the upper back. The result is an elastic outer garment with high stretch and recovery properties.

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