We are a community of empowered and passionate Associates that creates and leverages our advanced material capabilities to enable our customers to confidently push boundaries and improve people’s lives across 15 diverse industries globally.

    Photo acknowledgment: Barksdale Capability Center, Newark, Delaware

    Every day we build upon our foundation of integrity, innovation, and sound science to create unique and valued products and services, where the cost of failure could be life critical. Our customers rely upon us to deliver relevant solutions that perform consistently as promised every time in some of the most challenging environments.


    This also rings true for the fire service industry specifically. We believe that our research and development has contributed to positive changes over several decades to the safety and performance of firefighters, while they are tasked with managing the constant evolution of new challenges and changing environments where they operate.


    Our biopharmaceutical products are used to protect drug processing operations as well as aiding in drug discovery and delivery.

    Medical Devices

    Our medical devices treat complex cardiovascular conditions as well as repairs of soft tissue such as hernias. Our stent grafts provide long-lasting blood flow through diseased arteries as well as repairing structural abnormalities within your heart. Over 45 million devices have been delivered so far, improving the lives of millions of patients. We continue to push innovative materials, from shape-memory alloys to patches that are absorbed through the healing process.


    We have a range of products that are trusted by our customers in the Aerospace industry where ‘failure is not an option.’ 

    Performance Solutions

    Reliably seal a broad range of flange materials with a low stress-to-seal, dimensionally stable and chemically resistant gaskets.

    Explore a sampling of the depth and breadth of our product innovation milestones.

    FDIC 2023

    Experience a FDIC recap of our extensive product portfolio that improves your day-to-day experiences in ways you probably didn’t imagine.