GORE-TEX Sleep Systems

    Multifunctional, lightweight protection with oxygen and carbon dioxide permeability, and wide versatility.


    Explore the high-level protective benefits of this technology application.



    GORE-TEX Sleep Systems are made from durable waterproof fabric, keeping soldiers and their valuables dry.

    Engineered to withstand cold and strong winds, defense personnel are protected from the weather’s chilling effects.

    When combined with PYRAD® technology, GORE-TEX Sleep Systems are fire resistant and have self-extinguishing properties, keeping users safe from heat and flame.

    *When combined with PYRAD® fabric.

    The condensation of moisture vapour on the inside of GORE-TEX Sleep Systems is reduced and quickly transported outside - this is crucial for maintaining a dry atmosphere within the shelter.

    The gas-permeable technology allows oxygen and carbon dioxide to pass freely in and out of the bag yet doesn't allow dangerous gasses to pass through.

    Constructed from a lightweight fabric that packs as easily as it protects, troops have less weight and hassle when on the move.

    A safe place to sleep, and so much more

    GORE-TEX Sleep Systems offer versatile wet-weather and liquid chemical protection during military tasks. In addition to being durably waterproof, windproof and highly breathable, the fabric is also extremely lightweight and packable and can be made fire retardant when combined with PYRAD® technology.

    A fire-retardant technology, PYRAD® FABRIC BY GORE-TEX LABS protects those using volatile fuels for heating their shelters or cooking inside, keeping them safe from heat and flame. The fabric has self-extinguishing properties that can be used with non-FR textiles, such as nylon and polyester. It adheres to the requirements of CPAI-84 and is Berry compliant, having been constructed from laminates and other materials sourced and manufactured in the U.S.

    GORE-TEX Bivy Bags

    GORE-TEX Bivy Bags can function as a storage or transportation container, a temporary stretcher, an observation post, a sturdy groundsheet or a small tent. Made from a waterproof and windproof outer shell plus a robust laminate for the groundsheet, the bag offers long-term protection, even when used repetitively in harsh conditions and when exposed to harmful liquid chemicals. While the fabric blocks rain and snow from getting inside, gas-permeable technology allows oxygen and carbon dioxide to pass freely in and out of the bag.

    Inside, vapor condensation is reduced and released quickly, making it extremely breathable for those using it as a tent. GORE-TEX Bivy Bags can be fully closed, providing better protection and insulation. In addition, the bags are more flexible and less bulky, increasing comfort and packing efficiency, as well as lighter, so soldiers carry less weight.

    Army personnel experience light-weight and fast-pack technology, easier maneuverability, continuous breathable comfort, and long-lasting protection – no matter where they are or what they are doing.

    GORE-TEX PYRAD® Shelter Fabric

    Engineered for mobile combat operations, GORE-TEX PYRAD® Shelter Fabric provides improved concealment. It exceeds defense requirements for blackout and near-infrared reflective characteristics, protecting from Image Intensifying detectors used in night vision goggles, including hiding a 100-watt incandescent light source at 100 meters during a moonless night.

    Ideal for small shelters of under 20 people and arctic shelters of between 10 to 15, the single-wall design weighs significantly less than traditional double-wall structures – elimination of an inner wall can reduce the weight as much as 30%. GORE-TEX PYRAD® Shelter Fabric offers protection from severe weather, even during temperatures ranging from -40F to 125F, wind speeds higher than 55 mph, snow loads greater than four pounds per square foot, and rainfall larger than two inches per hour. Moisture permeable, condensation inside from breathing and wet gear is minimized and let out quickly. Furthermore, the fabric is fire retardant, can withstand exposure to harsh contaminants, as well as resists abrasion, punctures and mildew.

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    The technology has been developed with real-work situations in mind, so that hard-working professionals in challenging environments can stay protected, and simply focus on their important work.

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