GORE-TEX Sleep Systems

    Multifunctional, lightweight protection with oxygen and carbon dioxide permeability, and wide versatility.


    Explore the high-level protective benefits of this technology application.


    On the outside, GORE-TEX Sleep Systems are composed of a waterproof shell; the inside becomes completely waterproof when the bag is closed.

    Sealing GORE-TEX Sleep Systems creates a totally windproof environment, so defense personnel can use it as a small tent to stay warm.

    Permeable to oxygen and carbon dioxide, water condensation inside the bag is quickly transported to the outside.

    Made from a lightweight fabric, it packs as easily as it protects, so soldiers have less weight and hassle when on the move.

    A safe place to sleep, and so much more

    GORE-TEX Sleep Systems offer versatile wet-weather protection, functioning as a storage or transportation container, a temporary stretcher, an observation post, a sturdy groundsheet or a small tent.

    Made from a waterproof and windproof outer shell plus a robust laminate for the groundsheet, the system offers durable protection in harsh conditions. While the fabric blocks rain and snow from getting inside, gas permeable technology allows oxygen and carbon dioxide to pass freely in and out of the bag.

    Inside, vapour condensation is reduced and released quickly, making it extremely breathable for those using it as a tent. Unlike standard issue bivy bags that only cover three quarters of the sleeper’s body, leaving the head exposed to the elements, GORE-TEX Sleep Systems can be fully closed, providing better protection and insulation. In addition, the system is more flexible and less bulky, increasing comfort and packing efficiency, as well as lighter, so soldiers carry less weight.

    Soldiers experience lightweight and packable technology, easier maneuverability, continuous breathable comfort, and long-lasting protection – no matter where they are or what they are doing.

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    Ideal for
    The technology has been developed with real-work situations in mind, so that hard-working professionals in challenging environments can stay protected, and simply focus on their important work.

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