NFPA 1851 Industry Support Program

    (Elkton, Maryland, April 10, 2008) At FDIC 2008, W. L. Gore & Associates is announcing the Gore NFPA 1851 Industry Support Program, the latest in its 25-year commitment to working with the fire service industry to ensure safe personal protective equipment (PPE) for fire professionals. The 2008 Edition of NFPA 1851 places a new focus on the ongoing compliance and durability of turnout gear, emphasizing a more rigorous inspection and evaluation protocol for the individual components. With its new NFPA 1851 Industry Support Program, Gore continues to assist the industry by providing a comprehensive program including three key elements: an instructional guide on complying with NFPA 1851, free-of-charge materials for repair of normal wear and tear, and the most durable moisture barrier available in the market - CROSSTECH® 3-Layer Moisture Barrier.

    The educational component of this new program addresses compliance with NFPA 1851 as it relates to Gore's family of moisture barriers. The Standard sets forth specific requirements for inspecting both the liner system as a unit and the thermal liner and moisture barrier as individual components. As a part of its NFPA 1851 Support Program, Gore has developed a CD-based instructional guide that discusses cleaning, inspecting, testing, and repairing Gore's NFPA 1971-compliant moisture barriers. For example, the guide includes demonstrations of each of the liner system tests required for compliance with the Standard and examples of what may be observed during moisture barrier inspection.

    Another component of the Gore NFPA 1851 Industry Support Program addresses repairs. As evidence of its commitment to its products, Gore will provide free-of-charge materials (both tape and barrier) to manufacturers and verified independent service providers (ISPs) for repairs necessitated by normal wear and tear. This commitment applies to CROSSTECH® 2-Layer and GORE™ RT7100 Moisture Barriers for up to three years and to CROSSTECH® 3-Layer Moisture Barrier for up to five years.

    The third, and probably most fundamental, element of the Gore NFPA 1851 Industry Support Program is the addition of CROSSTECH® 3-Layer Moisture Barrier to its family of NFPA 1971-certified barrier products. Through innovative membrane technology and the addition of a patent-pending second textile layer, this product provides rugged durability without compromising high total heat loss (THL). Designed for fire professionals working in the most rigorous environments, Gore's CROSSTECH® 3-Layer Moisture Barrier offers the best possible combination of durability, THL, and thermal protective performance (TPP) available in today's market.

    Gore is excited to announce this comprehensive support package to the industry. According to Ron Bove of Gore's North American Fire & Safety Services business, “From its inception, Gore has always stood behind its products, and our commitment remains the same today. Years ago, Gore developed the first repair verification program for moisture barriers, and we trained cleaning and repair facilities in the proper techniques for repairing and seam-sealing our products. Complying with the 2008 edition of NFPA 1851 will require a steep learning curve for the fire service industry, and we feel it is important that we offer our support as a committed partner in this process.” .

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