Patrol GORE-TEX Extended Comfort combat boots have been specifically engineered for combat missions in hot-dry and hot-humid climates. Besides being extremely breathable and lightweight, these boots protect against sand, heat, water exposure and other undesirable liquids. In desert regions, mountainous terrain or urban environments. On patrols with light pack weights, in combat situations in urban environments, or during low to medium liability combat operations.

    A wearer trial involving soldiers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland demonstrated just how effectively Patrol GORE-TEX Extended Comfort footwear fulfils these performance requirements. Between July and November 2016, they tested MEINDL's Equator Alpha GTX for more than 6 hours a day, wearing them over easy terrain in dust, sand and occasionally standing water and other liquids. At the end of the 10 - 16 week wearer trial, an online questionnaire was used to collect feedback from the soldiers.


    Lightweight and flexible – a very good combat boot for warm and hot climates.
    A desert all-rounder – one 4summer


    From heat and dust to moist tropical climates - Patrol GORE-TEX Extended Comfort footwear copes effectively in the conditions found in the hottest parts of the world.

    80% of the wearers said they perceived “no sweating” or only “mild” sweating in the test boots. In comparison, only 43% of the wearers could say the same about the boots that they had worn in the past.

    The heat specialist.

    Sweat is transported away from the feet really well and your feet don't feel like they are in an aquarium or sauna.

    The perfect choice for operations in hot-dry climates.


    When temperatures are high, what matters most is that your boots let heat and sweat pass to the outside quickly and effectively.

    80% of the trial participants said that the heat loss properties of the test boots were “very good” or “fairly good”. 37% of the participants said that the heat loss properties of the test boots were “signifi cantly better” than the boots they had worn in the past.

    On missions in hot and dry climates, over easy terrain or in urban environments, these boots have great flexibility, very little weight and an exceptional ability to release heat and moisture.


    87% of the wearers said that the drying time of the test boots.

    After having been drenched in sweat and worn while wading through water, the boots were completely dry the next morning, possibly even sooner.


    Boots designed for military operations have to be durably waterproof, also in order to protect soldiers in urban environments against unknown, possibly toxic liquids.

    I never had really wet feet from incoming rain or water.

    Flexible use

    On patrol in Northern Mali – in both urban and desert environments: occasionally alternating with other boots when on field camp duty.


    Lightweight and comfortable

    In view of their light weight and really good membrane, the boots are highly suitable for the intended uses.


    Sand and dust proof

    Ein Desert-Allrounder – one4summer!


    More than two thirds of the participants would recommend MEINDL's Equator Alpha GTX. They particularly recommended that the boots be worn in hot-dry and hot-humid climates. The approval rates were significantly higher in the case of soldiers who had tested the boots in extremely hot climates.

    The wearer trial was conducted by Gore in partnership with Munich market research agency HYVE.