The lightweight GORE-TEX safety shoe (S3)

    The lightweight GORE-TEX safety shoe (S3) is not only highly breathable, it is also totally waterproof and therefore ideal for cleaning and sanitation tasks and other activities involving standing on wet floors. The shoe is equipped with a 3-layer, non-insulated GORE-TEX Extended Comfort laminate that is highly effective at transporting the sweat produced by the foot out of the shoe. In these shoes beverage industry workers hardly ever feel hot and sweaty, neither when performing physically taxing tasks nor in warm environments.

    In the context of a summer wearer trial, 12 workers at Krombacher Brewery tested the ELTEN Senex Pro GTX ESD S3 safety shoe. They wore the shoes between July and September 2016 in normal everyday use for about 12 weeks – mostly indoors. While performing activities such as bottling, sorting, storing and loading. Most of the participants wore the ELTEN shoes four or five days a week for between six and nine hours a day.

    A questionnaire and a personal debriefing session were used to collect feedback on the S3 safety shoes from the participants.


    Re-dry: they're perfect, great, the shoes dry very quickly.
    Where I work the floor is always wet, sometimes there's about 1.5 cm of water.
    The best shoe so far.


    Nearly all of the participants (92%) confirmed that the safety shoes were totally waterproof.


    The test shoes also scored high when the participants were asked about the temperature inside the shoes and their climate comfort factor. 84 percent of the participants said that the temperature inside the shoes was “pleasant” (when worn indoors and sitting in vehicles, also outdoors at temperatures between 10°C and 25°C).

    67 percent of the brewery workers said that they actually found the test shoes “cooler” than their old safety shoes.


    The large majority of the participants (92%) said that they had only perceived “mild sweating” in the ELTEN shoes.

    Ten of the twelve participants (83%) said that they had even “sweat less” than in their old safety shoes.


    92 percent of the participants expressed their satisfaction with the walking comfort of the safety shoes, saying that the wear comfort was “very good”.


    75 percent of the participants would recommend the ELTEN Senex Pro GTX ESD S3 to others.