Thermal hazards of an electric arc i.e. a high level of thermal energy and high intensity electromagnetic radiation. Electrostatic build-up and explosive discharge are some additional dangers faced in electric utilities.

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PPE with Gore protective fabrics has been rigorously tested to ensure it performs and protects as intended in a range of scenarios.
Our range of technologies have been engineered to meet a high level of protection, comfort and reliability in personal protective equipment, based on rigorous hazard testing for specific industries.

PYRAD® product technology by GORE-TEX LABS

Many professionals from from different industries, face the risk of flash fires. PYRAD® product technology by GORE-TEX LABS is built with a laminate that forms a stable char when exposed to heat and flame and protects the wearer. Arc rated protection can even be added.

GORE-TEX PYRAD® product technology

GORE-TEX PYRAD® product technology helps to avoid excessive bulk and weight in heat- and flame-resistant protective garments. This textile technology enables laminates to offer burn protection in situations involving heat and flame exposure, while retaining the key benefits of GORE-TEX rainwear


Choose the high-performance technology application that best meets the specific needs of the wearer.