USES PYRAD® product technology by GORE-TEX LABS

    Arc rated PYRAD® garments by GORE-TEX LABS for electric utilities

    Class 2 arc protection garments that are up to 50% lighter than other garments in this class. Ideal for all-day extended wear in dry and temperate conditions.


    Explore the high-level protective benefits of this technology application.


    Unique arc rated PYRAD® product technology by GORE-TEX LABS.

    Up to 50% lighter than other garments with class 2 arc protection, the garments allow the wearer to be agile even in narrow environments and encourage all day wear.

    Designed with single-ply thinner material, wearers feel thermally more comfortable as the fabric doesn't accumulate body temperature, even while being active.


    With comfortable protection that's up to 50% lighter than other class 2 arc protective wear, arc rated PYRAD® garments by GORE-TEX LABS allow electrical workers to move freely, even when working in restrictive, narrow environments.

    Electrical workers will feel far more encouraged to wear their safety clothing all day - which means they'll also stay protected all day. When dealing with dangerous electrical situations on a daily basis, the highest level of continuous protection is, of course, essential.

    When working in dry, temperate conditions, wearers will also feel comfortable thermally thanks to the single ply, thinner material which doesn't accumulate body temperature, even when the wearer is active. So whether electrical workers are hard at work indoors they'll no longer need to compromise on their comfort or safety.

    Ideal for
    The technology has been developed with real-work situations in mind, so that hard-working professionals in challenging environments can stay protected, and simply focus on their important work.

    Workwear - Arc rated PYRAD® fabrics by GORE-TEX LABS

    Protective clothing against the thermal hazards of an electric arc
    IEC 61482-1-2:2014 class 2 (7 kA)
    IEC 61482-1-1:2019 arc rating ELIM 33 cal/cm² (ATPV 39 cal/cm²)

    Clothing to protect against heat and flame
    EN ISO 11612 A1, A2, B1, C1, D1, E1, F1

    Protective clothing for use in welding and allied processes
    EN ISO 11611 class 1 – A1+A2

    Protective clothing: electrostatic properties
    EN 1149-3/-5

    High visibility clothing
    EN ISO 20471 HI-VIS yellow

    Protective clothing against liquid chemicals
    EN 13034 Type 6 [PB]


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