Close-up of GORE-TEX EXTRAGUARD Combat boots in extrem wet terrain


    Fixing THE DILEMMA: How can a combat boot offer all this combined: robust protection and lasting lightweight? EXTRAGUARD upper technology integrated into GORE-TEX combat boots fuses these functionalities and helps to stay focused even in high intensity missions

    Key Benefits


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    The upper material of the combat boot is 40 percent lighter than leather, enabling soldiers to operate in a wide range of situations and weather conditions.

    Soldiers have to operate in a wide range of weather conditions. The upper's low water absorption construction allows the boots to remain lightweight even when exposed to extreme wetness or in situations where it is difficult for soldiers to dry their boots quickly.

    The upper hardly absorbs any moisture from the outside even after extensive use or loss of the water repellent finish.

    The upper allows significantly faster drying time compared with conventional uppers for defense footwear.

    External moisture cannot penetrate and no moisture accumulates between the upper material and the waterproof inner bootie. This means a reduced conductive heat loss, ideal for long hours on mission in wet and cold conditions.

    Designed for the harshest environments, soldiers receive durable robust protection against mechanical impacts, even after months of wear in wet conditions.

    Easy to clean and not requiring specific care products, this footwear, worn day to day, can be kept at optimal functionality for a long time with minimal effort.

    Specific EXTRAGUARD upper can be used for Defence combat boots to protect against flames.

    The GORE-TEX lining technology makes this footwear durably waterproof, keeping soldiers feet completely dry.

    Sweat vapour escapes easily providing comfort in high intensity operations.

    Common chemicals cannot penetrate, offering additional protection.


    Lasting lightweight and extremly robust, quick re-drying combat boots.

    Soldiers have to operate in a wide range of situations, demanding terrains and weather conditions. They need combat boots that offer reliable protection against mechanical impacts, common chemicals, flames, cold and wet. In the past, robust protection has often automatically been associated with heavier footwear and less comfort for the feet. A dilemma when boots were worn for hours in wet conditions. Now the new three layer Extraguard upper technology is paving the way for a new class of robust GORE-TEX Combat boots. This footwear is lightweight and also remains lightweight even when soldiers have to operate in on wet or muddy terrain or in situations where it is difficult for the soldiers to dry their boots quickly. Lasting lightweight, highly breathable, quick to dry and extremely comfortable to wear these combat boots are ideal for the wearer's mobility in their missions.


    General Infantry

    Special Forces


    Tested for safety and certified in accordance with EN ISO 20345/20347

    Offers protection against commonly occurring chemicals*, in accordance with ISO 13994/ASTM F 903, method C.

    *Commonly occurring chemicals include AFF Fire-fighting foam (3%), sulphuric acid H2SO4 (37%) diesel, and caustic soda NaOH (30%).

    Gore Lab Tests:

    Gore static Water bucket test: Boots are submerged at a minimum/at least of 10 cm water level.
    Gore static Rain shower test: Boot is exposed to very heavy rain simulation.
    Gore Walking simulator test: Boots are submerged in 5 cm water and flexed 300,000 times.


    EXTRAGUARD upper technology perfectly fits the GORE-TEX brand’s sustainability commitments.