GORE-TEX PYRAD® fabric technology - durably flame retardant

    in use at Holborn Europa Raffinerie (Hamburg)

    Heat and flames, hydrocarbons, electric arc incidents, bad weather: chemical workers are exposed to many different hazards. One of the most difficult problems to deal with is when measuring and analysis devices become electrostatically charged. A mechanical spark alone can result in the destruction of these sensitive pieces equipment.

    As well as providing heat and foul weather protection, allowing for the safe handling of hydrocarbons and incorporating antistatic characteristics, protective clothing for refinery workers has to fulfil an extensive array of other requirements. These include having reflective details on the upper, middle and lower sections of the garment and protecting against chemical splash. It's also important that such clothing offers a high level of comfort and features functional pockets for radio equipment and tools. Until recently, no protective clothing that could live up to all these requirements had yet made its appearance on the market. That was why the Holborn Europa Raffinerie decided to develop its own PPE (personal protective equipment) for its workers.

    The protective clothing developed by Holborn is designed around Gore's new GORE® PYRAD® technology, making it durably flame retardant. In addition, the jackets and vests are waterproof, breathable and, thanks to their light weight, also allow for complete freedom of movement.

    A development phase that lasted two years, a comprehensive stress test and a one-year wear trial: a major investment in time, effort and resources, but one that was worth it. The has resulted in a high quality product for on-site workplace safety, offering high levels of protection and comfort while at the same time expressing Holborn's appreciation of its employees.


    Designed around the GORE® PYRAD® technology, these jackets are specifically geared towards the needs of workers in the chemical industry. Among other things, such garments need to deliver antistatic capabilities, allow for the safe handling of hydrocarbons, and protect against heat and flame exposure.



    The ITURRI Group’s in-house manufacturing capacity means that it can directly address customer needs. Teams of technical specialists carefully assembled for each of the major industries know exactly which fabrics are the best choice for a customer's individual requirements. Close attention is paid to the applicable standards, with all design features individually tailored to these needs.

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