New Bodyguard PPE has led to improvements in safety


    Back in September, 2016, Amey’s Consulting and Rail business improvement team reviewed its workers’ PPE provision, to ensure that supplied garments were fit for purpose. As a company that places a high value on its safety culture as well as accountability and traceability, this review was an important step towards increasing the protection and comfort of all Amey Consulting and Rail staff who require personal protective equipment (PPE) to go about their work duties.



    Following a tender process that involved more than a dozen bidders, the contract to supply essential workwear was awarded to Midlands-based Bodyguard Workwear in February, 2017. A key part of Bodyguard Workwear’s submission was the provision of high-visibility, wet weather bomber jackets, coats, trousers and salopettes made using GORE-TEX fabrics.



    Amey was familiar with the durability and quality of GORE-TEX garments having previous procured such workwear in some of its non-rail businesses. Not only does the durability of GORE-TEX garments mean they last longer, which cuts out the long-term costs associated with disposable garment provision, but they simultaneously reduce a company’s carbon footprint by cutting down on waste.


    The new garments were rolled out to staff from July, 2017, as part of educational roadshows to depots in Crewe, Doncaster and Motherwell - the first time Amey has launched new workwear on one of its educational roadshows. During the roadshows, Amey’s senior team and representatives from Bodyguard Workwear, explained how the technology behind GORE-TEX fabrics ensures it provides waterproofness and breathability so that end users keep warm, dry and comfortable, even in harshest of weather conditions.



    Since January, 2018, Amey has also supplied its new intake of 780 former Carillion staff with Gore PPE. Amey staff now order their garments directly with Bodyguard Workwear using a dedicated cloud system with products delivered to the customer the next working day. The safety clothing provider, which has its office and superstore in Birmingham, is also able to brand customer garments and hold them in stock in its warehouse until required.



    Bodyguard Workwear director Kamal Basra said:

    Bodyguard Workwear and Amey share the same organisational objectives for innovation and safety. We were delighted to win this prestigious account and to work collaboratively in full partnership with them to ensure that their workers receive excellent customer service and prompt delivery of technically superior GORE-TEX garments.



    Martin Welch, Amey’s Health and Safety Business Partner explained the importance of efficiency, from reviewing working practices, safety, worker output and reducing costs. One of the ways in which safety is assessed at Amey is through monitoring its Close Call system, which records and manages conditions and behaviours that, under different circumstances, could have led to injury or harm. This could range from machinery performance, uneven pathways en route to a job or PPE. Since using the GORE-TEX garments from Bodyguard Workwear, Amey has noticed a “remarkable reduction” in Close Call notifications regarding garments. In addition, no garments have been returned and Amey has seen a total acceptance from the staff who’ve been provided with the workwear.



    Martin Welch added:

    PPE is the last line of defence for our workers who typically carry out manual work outdoors in all weather conditions on a daily basis, both night and day. Visibility, comfort and foul weather protection from cold and wet conditions is key to ensuring that our teams don’t get distracted and can stay safe. We have an excellent record for staff safety and we aim for zero harm, zero injury and zero accidents. Incorporating the Bodyguard Workwear garments with GORE-TEX Fabrics into our PPE provision is a key part to help us maintain this aim.


    This article originally appeared in RailStaff Magazine.