Feels like a soft shell. Protects like a hard shell.


    Explore the high-level protective benefits of this technology application.

    The soft GORE-TEX shell jacket keeps the wearer dry when exposed to heavy rain. It is suitable for a broad range of mixed weather conditions.

    Totally windproof, the jacket preserves the body’s microclimate and keep the wearer consistently comfortable

    The highly breathable membrane allows sweat in the form of moisture to escape effectively, offering a high level of climate comfort

    The use of recycled materials from PET drink bottles in the outer textile and inner lining significantly reduces the proportion of new raw materials and the consumption of water and energy.

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    The soft GORE-TEX shell jacket combines the gentle hand of a soft shell with the reliable and durable weather protection of a hard shell jacket. The use of knitted textiles delivers an exceptionally soft hand and drape, allowing the garment to be worn in comfort throughout the work day, without compromising the durable weather protection which the GORE-TEX brand stands for.


    The soft GORE-TEX shell jacket has a significantly reduced environmental impact. The textiles are derived from recycled PET drink bottles, which saves energy, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and diverts waste that otherwise may end up in landfill. The production processes also contribute to a lower footprint: for example, the outer material as well as the lining of the 3-layer Soft GORE-TEX Shell laminate are made using the knitting process, which is less energy-intensive than the warp-weft weaving process.

    The inner lining of the laminate is also solution dyed. In this dyeing process, the dye is added to the polymer before the yarn is spun. The yarn thus obtained is permanently depth-dyed and can be knitted directly into a textile. Since no further dyeing processes are required, consumption of CO2, water and chemicals is reduced accordingly.

    The jacket has been exclusively developed with bluesign-approved material sets. Bluesign is an independent label covering a broad range of sustainability-related critera each step in the supply chain. According to the Higg Index, solution dyeing uses up to 90% less water than conventional dyeing methods. Chemical use is reduced by 60% and CO2 emissions by up to 58%. Download the concept card to find out more about the Higg Index and the improvements of the soft GORE-TEX shell jacket in matter of sustainability.


    Craftsmen and workers working outdoors who look for a long lasting, highly breathable jacket which is as soft and flexible as a softshell while offering reliable weather protection when needed. This is done by combining the versatile wearing comfort of a softshell with the reliable weather protection of a GORE-TEX hardshell.


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